Website Design Rates

Each website includes search engine optimization, browser compatibility assurance, and accessibility compliance wherever possible.

These rates serve as a guideline only; I am flexible depending on the needs of your particlar project.

Small (1-2 page design)


A 1-2 page design usually consists of basic information along with a contact form. 1-2 page designs are optimal for events, but they can be used for other purposes as well if the content is kept to a manageable level so as not to overwhelm visitors to your website.

Medium (3-4 page design)


Typically, a 3-4 page design consists of an introductory page with the relevant information you would like to convey along with another page which might outline your services and experience in greater detail. (Contact forms are added gratis at this level). 3-4 page websites offer more flexibility if you have more content than can be placed on a single web page. Extra pages allow visitors to your website to navigate to the information they are interested in rather than feeling overwhelmed with "everything at once."

This website is a standard 4-page design by the way!

Large (5-6 page design +)


For businesses or institutions wishing to offer a lot of information with navigation and pertinent content.

Note: If you feel your project requires more than six pages of content, please contact me for variable rates.

Service Packs

$79 for one year or $149 for two years

My sites are designed with the business owner in mind. If you'd like to update and maintain certain aspects of your website on your own, I make it easy for you.

For those clients who aren't too sure about editing or updating their own websites, a Service Pack might be your best bet. Service Packs are for minor maintenance/updates to your website over time (changing business hours, location, textual changes, additional services, etc). This includes consultation even if no editing is involved.

And best of all? There is no contract involved or subscription to worry about. It is a one-time purchase and is valid for the term you have selected.

Note: This does not include site redesigns. Please inquire about these services.

Branded business card design


If you'd like to have traditional paper business cards to match the design and style of your website (hey, some people still use them) I can help you with that.

Note: $49 applies to the design work only; business cards are sold separately. I highly recommend a quality card company such as MOO. My motto: hand someone a business card that they will be reluctant to throw out.

How to get started (what you should bring)

Domain name and web host

One of the first things you should do when embarking on a website project for your event, organization or business is to secure a domain name or address, ie.,

Dot com addresses are often the best, but if your chosen domain name is already taken you have options such as .biz, .net, .org, edu, etc.

The second thing you will need to set up is a web hosting service, which will provide server space for your website pages, content, graphics, etc.

And the third step? You'll need to "point" your domain name to your web hosting service. You set this up through the provider of your domain name, using information that you have received from your web hosting service.

While my clients must invest in the domain name registration and web hosting service on their own (I do not offer domain registrations or web hosting services), I'm more than happy to assist clients through the process of choosing a domain registration service as well as a web hosting provider at no extra charge. I'll even work with you to set it up if you like. Let's get this thing rolling!

Your preferred photos (if you are using them)

If you have photos of yourself, your employees, your business, classroom or events by all means let's incorporate them into your website for that personal touch! And if you'd rather not use photos for whatever reason, that's ok too.

Stock images are often requested by clients, and royalty-free licenses must be obtained (purchased) for a fee. This is separate from the website design rates listed above, and you'll have to go through a company which specializes in stock photos and/or graphics.

Ideally, the client will have perused some stock photo websites to personally choose the images appropriate for the project, however I am happy to assist with this process.

For additional questions (or for photography inquiries) please contact me directly.

About Michael

Michael Alden is an award-winning photographer and web designer based in Brewer, Maine. He has been active in photography and design for over 25 years.

Originally from Alaska, Michael has lived in Washington, Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania before moving to the Pine Tree State in 2001.

He enjoys collaborating with people from all different fields to help them achieve their project goals and overall success.